Wal-Mart Battles Labels Over CD Prices - Rolling Stone, October 28, 2004
The nation's biggest record retailer wants to sell CDs at al 3,400 of its stores for less than $10, and record companies don't like it.

Double Trouble - Bullseye, August 2003
Outkast's new album delivers the best of both worlds

CD Burning: How the Labels are Trying to Stop You - Rolling Stone, June 20, 2002
Fans protest as the record labels experiment with copy-protecting music

Get Condit! The Anatomy of a Prime-Time Seduction - Inside.com, August 22, 2001
Networks call it 'the Get,' the relentless courting of a sizzling subject, who finally grants an exclusive on-air interview. PLUS: A comprehensive ratings chart, from Monica to Woody to the Unabomber.

Once a Cheap Date, Reality TV Bites Into Network Budgets - Inside.com, August 6, 2001
Programming costs soar with outlandish gimmicks and contestant stampede; NBC may set new show in outer space.

Prince of All Media - Inside Magazine, March 30, 2001
Just in time for the post-Napster world, the eccentric purple one has unveiled a new music subscription site. Does his NPG Music Club have the funk to lead artists into revolution?

O-Town: Building the Perfect Boy Band - Inside Magazine, January 31, 2001
An unapologetically prefab fivesome culled from 1,800 hopefuls on an ABC reality show is the most cunningly marketed, cross-platformed boy band ever. Can the efforts of Clive Davis, teen-pop impresario Lou Pearlman and radio giant Clear Channel create the new 'N Sync? Band debuts at #5 on this week's charts.

With Radiohead's Kid A, Capitol Busts Out of Big-Time Slump. (Thanks, Napster.) - Inside.com, October 11, 2000
The band that would not be promoted oddly finds itself at the top of the charts as a record company in the dumps tries harnessing the power of the Internet.

Chicago Chicago - The Costco Connection, November 1998.
Travel story extolling Chicago despite its false bravado.

A Couch Potato Factor - U.S.News & World Report, May 25, 1998
The drop in property crime may owe less to gates and alarms than to cable TV watching.

Home Wreckers - The New Republic, November 24, 1997
Who's partly to blame for the latest au pair murder? Congress.

Kid Looks Like the Mailman? - U.S.News & World Report, January 27, 1997
Find your true father at the growing number of DNA testing clinics.

Need Work? Go to Jail - U.S.News & World Report, December 9, 1996
Prison labor exists in America too. Here's how corporations are going behind bars to employ low-paid workers.

A Farewell to REMs - Washington City Paper, May 4, 1990
For $600 and a stack of TV dinners, I sold my body to science.