Need Work? Go to Jail - U.S.News & World Report, December 9, 1996
Prison labor exists in America too. Here's how corporations are going behind bars to employ low-paid workers.

All Tied Up in Knots - U.S.News & World Report, July 29, 1996
Despite deregulation, the quality of telephone customer service is deteriorating.

Watch that Pay Phone - U.S.News & World Report, June 26, 1995
You could get hit with a whopping bill when using a calling card from a payphone.

The New Redlining - U.S.News & World Report, April 17, 1995
Low-income neighborhoods have less access to banking services despite rules designed to extend credit and bank branches to all communities.

The Politics of Money - U.S.News & World Report, September 20, 1993
Municipal bond firms donate heaps of political contributions in exchange for lucrative underwriting jobs.