Crisis Coverage Escalates to a Crawl -, October 5, 2001
How the streaming banner at the bottom of your TV screen -- a "crawl," in industry parlance -- became one of the networks' crucial and ubiquitous tools after September 11.

Can the Snack Food of CNN Headline News Feed Viewers' New Appetite For Serious Coverage? -, Sept. 25, 2001
The breezy approach for the relaunched cable channel seemed apt in an era when Chandra Levy was a hot story. Then came Sept. 11

Networks' Race for Crisis Footage Becomes Amateur Hour -, September 13, 2001
Glut of freelance video submissions prove invaluable to breaking-news coverage; in the right place at the right time, an amateur cameraman can score a $10,000 payday.

Get Condit! The Anatomy of a Prime-Time Seduction -, August 22, 2001
Networks call it 'the Get,' the relentless courting of a sizzling subject, who finally grants an exclusive on-air interview. PLUS: A comprehensive ratings chart, from Monica to Woody to the Unabomber.

Egg-Faced News Divisions Stick With VNS Despite Election Fiasco -, May 31, 2001
The networks and Associated Press decide to stick with Voter News Service, cited as the culprit for last November's election night screw-ups. None would pay for an alternative.

Three New Accounts Point to Suge Knight in Killing of Biggie Smalls -, May 14, 2001
Just as the music mogul is to be released from prison, Rolling Stone, the New Yorker and PBS's Frontline produce reports that say evidence tying him to the shooting -- and to dirty LAPD cops -- was never examined. Similar questions once divided the LA Times newsroom.