So here is the final list of my 2011 faves. This isn't subjective per se; rather, it's my estimation of what record I played the most during the past year in its entirety. But one record did stick out - the F*cked Up record, which brought me tons of head-banging office enjoyment. It's been awhile since I enjoyed something so loud - and it felt good. This fave list was also printed on along with my colleagues so check that out too!

F*cked Up
Epic concept popcore album, the lineage of Husker Du’s Zen Arcade, but grander — and with conchordant female vocals to boot! Hummable and screamable.
Charles Bradley
Timeless sounding debut from a former James Brown impersonator who finally sings his own songs. Though old school vibes, themes like “Heartache and Pain” always resonate.
Fuzzy sing songy duo evokes the more innocent Wall of Sound era. Or it’s proof that any record employing a xylophone will always make my most listened list.
I forgot this on the VH1 list and so did most critics. But it was a momunmental achievement for a band to return 20 years later and still sounds as tight and pulling off music no one else could play but them. It wasn't nostaligic for me, but then again, these are one of my all time favorite bands.
Real Estate
Another summery vibe, but rootsier (if bands were wine, this might nicely pair with Cults). Don’t let the bad band name dissuade (who among us New Yorkers enjoys real estate?)
Fitz and the Tantrums
While technically a 2010 release, there are no sticklers here and most people grooved to this after the new year. Another reinvention of old soul but the danceable horn-y kind. Perfect party music.
Scrambled eggs of sounds and beats with some African spices. Nearly every track a hypnotic journey.
If this was listened to at my house as an album, then my eldest daughter would have played it until it was a plastic strip.
Bon Iver
An ultimate chill album. The soundtrack for when time stops.
Wild Flag
Lead singer/guitarist Carrie Brownstein always entertains, whether by blogging, play-acting (Portlandia) or this new female foursome with its bunch of crisp, oft-kiltter singles.
Black Keys
Just released so still digesting, but the raw Akron duo already list-worthy.