U2's iPod Strategy - Rolling Stone, November 25, 2004
Band partners with Apple to promote its new single "Vertigo" with TV ads and a special iPod.

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While iPods are still a hit, some users complain of faulty batteries

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Wal-Mart, Coke and MTV get in the online music biz

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Record labels trying a new tack to shut down P2P networks

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Despite lawsuits, traffic on file-sharing sites is booming

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New online music sites compete with Apple's iTunes

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Deals could make iTunes the ultimate music store.

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New legal version aims to compete with iTunes.

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Online store sells more than 2 million songs in two weeks.

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And its legal. Apple introduces a new, simple and cheap way of getting music online.

All The Rave: The Rise And Fall Of Shawn Fanning's Napster. By Joseph Menn. - Rolling Stone, May 1, 2003
Review of new book about Napster.

Trading Music? You're Busted. - Rolling Stone, April 17, 2003
One of the record labels' toughest challenges is convincing music fans that file sharing is illegal.

CD Burning: How the Labels are Trying to Stop You - Rolling Stone, June 20, 2002
Fans protest as the record labels experiment with copy-protecting music

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A History of Digital Music (Timeline)

The Day the (Pirated) Music Died - Fortune, November 26, 2001
The industry's plan for copy-proof CDs.

Digital Music Fans Face a Battle of the Bands - Fortune, October 29, 2001
The major labels are unveiling two competing online music services

Broadcasters Dont Get the Picture for Video-on-Demand - Inside.com, August 30, 2001
Cable is pioneering when-you-want-it programming, starting with HBOs Sex in the City and The Sopranos. Fans of ER and Seinfeld will have to wait for instant gratification.

In the War on Napster, a New Ally: The MP3 Police - Inside.com, May 10, 2000
An ominous-sounding British company executed Metallica's Napster-snooping coup and upped the stakes in the battle over copyright. But was it legal?

Revenge of the Dinosaurs - U.S.News & World Report, April 12, 1999
Barnes & Noble's dot com goes public. Target: Amazon.com.

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At last, an Internet strategy for Borders.

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Why digital retailing's grand promise has not yet been realized.

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Co-authored piece on Chicago's high-tech renaissance.

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A forecast of the future of electronic commerce.

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An assessment of the microchip's economic impact at age 25.

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An analysis of two multi-billion dollar mergers in the telecommunications industry.

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How and why Congress reshaped the rules in the telecommunications industry.

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A component of the cover story, this article assesses how the television business has changed.

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Cover story features an exclusive ranking (surprise) of America's fastest growing companies.