On July 6th, 2002, Michael Jackson came to New York City with a plan. The King of Pop planted a wet kiss on new pal Reverend Al Sharpton’s cheek and then launched a vitriolic attack on his record label Sony. “The record companies really, really do conspire against artists. They steal. They cheat. They do whatever they can - especially to black artists”, declared Jackson.

At 3 p.m., Jackson showed up in Midtown at an anti-Sony rally outside the company’s Madison Avenue offices. He grabbed a sign from a fan bearing the words “The Good, the Bad and The Ugly” - above pictures portraying himself as the good, and Mottola as both the bad and ugly. The crowd nearly rioted as they chased the bus as it motored around the block for about ten minutes. But even Al Sharpton was shocked when Jackson then called Sony Chief Tommy Mottola, a racist. Jackson has always loved PR stunts and used them to get himself back in the spotlight. But this public attack was unprecedented. What happened to Jackson to cause this outburst?

VH1 News Correspondent Jake Tapper tries to discover what has happened to Michael Jackson since his long-awaited release Invincible bombed.

Many of Jackson’s friends share their insights with VH1. They include Reverend Al Sharpton, who is helping Jackson’s new crusade against the record business, Rodney Jerkins, the famous producer with the Midas touch, who worked on Invincible, and Uri Geller, the paranormalist/author who asked Michael to serve as best man at his wedding. Other interviews include industry experts like Wendy Williams, the hip hop Howard Stern, and Lola Ogunnaike, a journalist at Vibe Magazine.

VH1 goes behind the scenes at the making of Invincible, which at $30 million was reportedly the most expensive album ever made. We explore Jackson’s finances, which may be running low in the wake of his profligate spending. And we illustrate key events in Jackson’s life since his masterpiece Thriller in 1982, such as his allaged child molestation scandal, strange marriages, oxygen chamber usage, and plans for space travel.

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