The mysterious appearance of raunchy videotapes that allegedly show R. Kelly having sex with juveniles has lead to a criminal investigation of the R&B superstar by Chicago police. This tape, combined with a growing number of lawsuits from an attorney representing the girls allegedy on the tape , threaten Kelly's career.

This VH1 News Special examines the charges against Kelly, laying out the allegations based on the accusations filed in the lawsuits to on-camera interviews with people familiar with the singer’s travails. While R Kelly has denied our request for a one-on-one interview, this episode has excerpts of his one hour talk with BET. We've also interview lawyers from both sides and perhaps talk with one of the girls involved who was allegedly molested to try and gauge about the legitimacy of the charges. We also focus on the videotapes, investigating whether or not they’re forgeries and surmising how they became public in the first place. Finally, we captured reactions to the news from fans in his hometown of Chicago and from music industry observers in general, exploring whether his career is irrevocably tainted by the allegations.

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